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Output Impedance   600 Ohms  

Output Type   XLR type balanced  

Frequency Response  25Hz to 50KHz

Output voltage (max)   1.5V  

S/N ratio   85 dB(A)  

Distortion   Less than 0.05%  

Power   DIN 45596 48V Phantom

The CQ Professional Range

The CQ preamp is 48 volt DIN Standard phantom-powered, with line-level balanced output. The preamplifier is built into the XLR plug which then feeds either one or two C-ducer Tape mics.  The output from the CQ range is compatible with stage or studio mixing desks and any other equipment with 600 ohm balanced inputs and phantom power.  

The CQS/8 comprises two CQ preamp/ 8” Tape combinations typically used on piano when a stereo signal is desired.  It can also be used where two different instruments are to be miked, such as a pair of congas or two stringed instruments.

The CQS/8p is identical to the CQS/8 but with inline connectors so that the C-ducer mic can be left on the instrument but the main bulk of the cable disconnected.

The CQ2/8 is one CQ preamp with 2 x 8” Tapes, typically used on piano, where balanced line output and phantom power are needed but only a mono output is required.

The CQM/8 is one CQ preamp with one 8” Tape for use with guitar and many other instruments. (See our Instruments pages for more details).

Similarly the CQM/3 is one CQ preamp with one 3” Tape for use with violin and also many other instruments listed in our Instruments pages.

CQ2/8 Mono Piano system

CQS/8 Stereo Piano system