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Acoustic Guitar

The C-ducer tape microphone has been used to mike acoustic guitars for more than 30 years, on both folk and classical instruments and is still the contact microphone of choice. A single 8 inch (20cm) tape is used on the guitar placed  in one of two positions are shown.  The choice is down to which sound you prefer bearing in mind your venue and style.  

Position 1 is generally found to be more suitable for larger, more resonant instruments or when enhanced bass is desired.

Position 2 provides a natural balance on Classical and Spanish-style instruments. In both cases the tape should be mounted close to and parallel to the bridge.

The C-ducer will give you a "full round sound" not the more high frequency sound which you will get from piezo or under the saddle pick ups and offers more room for amplification before feedback than a conventional microphone.

C-ducer is available as an unbalanced, battery-powered option (B1000/8) or in balanced, 48 volt phantom- powered format (CQM/8).