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C-ducer tape microphones are often used for amplifying and recording harps - both concert and folk instruments with excellent results. Two 8 inch (20cm) tapes are used on larger instruments, such as the concert harp, and two 3 inch (8cm) tapes on smaller instruments. The tapes are attached parallel to and close to the strings.  It is also possible to use one 8 inch (20cm) tapes on smaller instruments,  (B1000/8 in the Gigster range, and CQM/8 in the Professional series) although that precludes the use of stereo.

For larger instruments: When using two 8 inch (20cm) tapes, one is positioned next to the treble strings, and one next to the bass strings.  Keeping the signal from the two tapes separate enables a very pleasing stereo image in both the amplified and recorded sound.  This requires the Professional Stereo C-ducer (CQS/8).  Also in the Professional range, the (CQ2/8) is the appropriate mono microphone for the harp, and in the Gigster range the B1000/8.

For smaller instruments: The Tapes are positioned as for larger instruments above, but the appropriate C-ducer is as follows:

Profession Range

Gigster Series

“It gives me great pleasure to write a few lines about the superb quality and resilience of the C-ducer contact microphones.  I have been using C-ducer for more than 15 years now and whether I am performing at a wedding for 100 people, a private function for 1000, or doing recording work in a studio, the C-ducer contact microphones never failed to produce a sound that enhances the acoustic beauty of the Harp. There is nothing on the market quite like them. Added to that Andrew French and his team at AMG are always there to help.”

Gina Mackey