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CQS/8 and CQS/3 Stereo mics for piano, concert harp & smaller acoustic keyboard instruments

The CQS/8 comprises two 8” (20 cm) Tape mics each with their own low noise preamplifier providing two separate low-impedance outputs and a high-quality, stereo feed for studio or live performance use. The separation between low and high registers provides a good stereo image.

The CQS/3 comprises two 3” (8 cm) Tape mics and is suitable for smaller harps and acoustic keyboards instruments

C-ducer acoustic instrument mics

The products described here relate only to miking acoutic instruments in general.  For using C-ducer for micing the piano please click here.

CQM/8 and CQM/3 Acoustic instrument mics

The CQM/8 comprises one low noise 8” (20 cm) Tape mic, and the CQM/3 comprises one  low noise 3” (8 cm) Tape mic; each mic has an integral low-impedance, balanced output preamp (adjustable from line to mic level).

The 3” (8 cm) Tape mic of the CQM/3 accommodates smaller acoustic instruments, such as  violin, viola, banjo, etc. whereas the 8” (20 cm) Tape mic of the CQM/8 is suited to micing guitar or double bass, for instance.

The CQ Professional range of C-ducer microphones is Phantom-Powered (24-48VDC) and balanced.  For use on piano, please see our specialist site.


Four versions of the CQ series are available: The CQS and CQ2 use two Tape mics (for acoustic keyboards and the harp family) with the CQS  keeping the Tape outputs separate, for stereo and for independent EQ of each mic.  The CQ2 combines the mic outputs to a monofeed. Each can be supplied with either two 8” (20 cm) or  two 3” (8 cm) Tape mics (see below).





The C-ducer ‘Gigster’ series uses the same high-quality microphones as the Professional range, but provides an unbalanced output and is battery powered.  Ideal for the ‘gigging’ musician, the Gigster provides years of trouble-free use from its integral battery and the electronics are housed inside the 1/4” Jack socket.  The out put is at around line level and compatible with desk or amplifier inputs.

The Gigster can be supplied with one 8” (20 cm) Tape mic (for Guitar, double bass, for instance), or one 3” (8 cm) Tape for smaller instruments (banjo, violin etc.).

A version of the Gigster is also available with two 8” (20 cm) Tape mics for the piano or concert harp, and two 3” (8 cm) Tape mics for smaller harps

B1000/8 or B1000/3

B2000/8 or B2000/3

CQM/8 or CQM/3

CQS/8 or CQS/3

CQ2/8 or CQ2/3


For the Professional (CQ) Range User Handbook click HERE

For the Gigster Range User Handbook click HERE

For the Gigster Range User Handbook click HERE

For the CQ Range User Handbook click HERE