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C-ducer tape microphones produces excellent results when used on latin drums such as bongos and congas. Two tapes are used, wrapped inside the lower rim of the drum (particularly suited to congas and timbales) or wrapped around the outer, upper rim (particularly suitable for bongos). Experimentation is recommended to achieve the sound you want.

C-ducer systems for percussion are available in either battery-powered, unbalanced format (Gigster range: B2000/8 - two microphones into one output; or B1000/8, one microphone only), or balanced line, phantom-powered, professional configuration:

If you want stereo (two microphones controllable independently) you need either the CQS/8 in the Professional range, or you need two B1000/8 in the Gigster range.

The Gigster range is unbalanced line level output, battery-powered, with many years of life from the integral battery.

The Professional (CQ) range is 48 volt balanced line, phantom powered.